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6:30pm – Beginners BJJ
7:30pm – Intermediate+ BJJ

5:30pm – Womens Only BJJ
6:30pm – Beginners Kickboxing
7:30pm – MMA

5:15pm – Kids MMA
6:30pm – Beginners BJJ
7:30pm – Intermediate+ BJJ

6:30pm – Beginners Kickboxing
7:30pm - MMA

5:00pm – Kids MMA
6:00pm - Womens Only BJJ

9:00am - Kids BJJ
10:00am - Open Mat

10:00am - Boxing

Membership Options

We have a wide range of membership options available, to suit all circumstances. We discuss all of the available options with you when you join, to ensure you get the best value. As an example, a member who is training regularly on a monthly membership will typically pay the equivalent of £4-£5 per session, however for those making full use of the timetable it could be as little as 50p per class! This represents amazing value for money, as a purpose equipped MMA gym benefiting from the expert tuition of our highly competent, competition experienced instructors. There are no contracts or tie in periods you can either pay cash per session or monthly through the bank.

Adults Monthly:
£60 - Unlimited training
£50 - Training two days per week

Juniors/Students/Under 18's Monthly:
£45 - Unlimited training

Adults pay as you go:
£8 - Per class
£10 - Double class (two sessions back to back)
£20 - 1 week unlimited
£5 - Open Mats & Sparring

Junior pay as you go:
£7 - Per class

We also give a discount of £5 each member for families and friends who pay together on a monthly membership.

The gym also offers a discounted pro shop!

Still not sure? Why not take advantage of our free 7 day no obligation trial , on your first day we will discuss your circumstances, schedule and goals with you to ensure you get the best from your training.

At Viva we are open and transparent about all costs, and you’ll never get hit with any hidden costs! Our grading’s are free of charge. We have all the focus and thai pads you'll need for the session. There are also ample gloves and shin pads you can borrow until you get your own. We're also transparent about the experience and grades each instructor has, and making sure the gym is operating with all the necessary checks and insurances. Remember practice makes permanent not perfect, learn right the first time!

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