Temporary Lockdown Timetable

The big question we’ve had for the past few months is when will we reopen? So, we will run until things can resume as normal.

We’ll be doing our best to put as many sessions on as possible going forward. We’d love to do more, we know there’s little risk posed to most of our members but we need to be responsible for the wider community.

Monday and Wednesday will be conditioning, circuits, high intensity intervals that mimic the tempo of grappling. These sessions are going to be free of charge if you were a member before or plan on becoming one in the future.

Tuesday and Thursday will be kickboxing drills and skills, sadly no sparring but there’s plenty we can do with the bags and other equipment. Kids at 5:15pm and Adults at 6:30pm

This is subject to change as the rules and restrictions are being changed and reviewed on an almost daily basis by the government. Social distancing and grappling or MMA sadly just don’t work together, hopefully this timetable should get people ready for when they can resume. We’d usually lend out gloves but until things are back to normal, you’ll need to bring your own for the kickboxing sessions. (We have some you can purchase in the shop if you don’t already have your own)

Over the past few months we know everyone will have faced challenges. If you were a member previously and one of those challenges has been financial get in touch and we will confidentially get you back on the mats.