Our techniques are too deadly for competition

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I had a conversation with someone how they train “techniques too dangerous to spar” the biggest irony was these were techniques we do spar regularly with no issue. The argument “a technique is too dangerous to train” demonstrates a poor command of technique and ill thought out training method.

There are techniques that can’t be trained alive such as groin grabs, eye gouges and fish hooks. Without training with resistance you’re probably little better equipped to do these than someone who doesn’t train. If you did train at least with resistance you would be in a better position to try these.

The main reason we haven’t installed any mirrors is for fear of a death stare being deflected outside and hurting a passer-by.

Ameri-do-te is no Joke however


Resistance and competition forces you to refine your techniques. If you can’t train with resistance you aren’t going to be able to gain the experience of using those techniques against a live resisting opponent.
Competition or Sparring might not be the perfect simulation of a fight in the streets but it’s the best simulation you can have. MMA is “as real as it gets” unless you can find training partners who are impartial to being blinded and maimed.
Are you still sure your Vulcan nerve pinch is too lethal for competition? How do you even know? Because your compliant instructor said it was uncomfortable? That doesn’t fly in the real world. It’s worse than useless it’s a dangerous sense of ability, ability you don’t have!


-Antony Griffiths