MMA Video Archive: Matt Greenwood Vs Chad Leak & Jordan Dolan Takedown MMA Manchester Velodrome

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The Takedown Grand Prix main feature were four, four man tournaments with top amateur prospects fighting for the Takedown MMA titles.

Matt Greenwood has trained with us for many years and is a testament to commitment and faith in technique over attributes. Matt has fought in several competitive formats often at higher weight sometimes against more experienced opposition and is an all round martial artist.

A week prior to this competition Matt suffered a broken rib in training and very nearly had to pull out. Many have underestimated him due to his joking demeanour and friendly outlook, be under no illusion he is a true warrior who has proven time and time again his strength of mind and ability.

Here is Matt’s first fight Vs Chad Leak from Fighting Fit



Here is Matts fight vs Jordan Dolan from Gouldings MMA