Kids Martial Arts (Age 8+)

Parents are welcome to stay and watch the sessions. All instructors have an enhanced DBS (formerly CRB) check, are fully insured and have up to date first aid training. Our instructors have many years of experience in their respective martial arts and are able to tailor the session to each childs’ needs and abilities ensuring they progress at a comfortable speed for them.

We offer junior martial arts classes in several disciplines/programmes, and the children are welcome to specialise in just one discipline or attend a variety of sessions. All our disciplines complement each other and will help build a great grounding knowledge for your child to build on should they wish to specialize later on.

Griff giving instruction in our Kids BJJ class in Tameside
50% off your first BJJ Gi

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

In the kids BJJ classes, we specialise in ground grappling and submissions. These classes are taught in a GI (a two piece Judo type suit- which we give you a 50% discount when joining on a monthly membership). Being a GI session, we also cover an extensive range of grip breaks and escapes from holds. By focusing on superior technique, it enables smaller, weaker opponents to neutralize larger stronger ones. This is especially useful should your child ever find themselves facing a physically superior opponent – giving them a huge defensive advantage vs an untrained victim. The ability to resolve conflict in a peaceful manner is a crucial life skill in the 21st century. Training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can help develop the confidence required to learn how to practice this in everyday life. In alignment with this we award belts based on a combination of performance, ability and attitude. Within the wider Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community there are regular BJJ competitions which we will support you/ your child with should they wish to test themselves against unfamiliar opponents.

All BJJ sessions are coached by Antony Griffiths (Griff) BJJ Black belt under Combat Base head coaches Helen and Darren Currie.

Ethan looking for the submission on luke in our kids BJJ class
Libby and Ethan at the Kids BJJ European Championships
Ethan, Sam and Luke having fun in the kids martial arts class in tameside
Mathew doing a good job of keeping Eve down in some wrestling drills

Kids Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

In the kids Mixed Martial Arts classes we address all ranges your child could encounter in a real fight. We cover not only how to manage a fight, but also how to avoid one. This is a great way to build confidence, not only because you can handle a confrontation, but have the confidence to walk away. In these sessions we cover all manner of strikes that are likely to be encountered, defensive postures and footwork to counter them. We are pioneering a grading structure for the childrens MMA classes that allows them to see the progression they are making. Currently there is no format for under 14's to compete in MMA however there are regular interclubs and kickboxing type events for them to enter if competition is something they would like to persue.
All classes are taken by professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter Avi Jack.

Luke looking for ther single leg on Josh, who needs Judo?
Viva Combat Athleticsts T-shirt
Corey working the takedown in the kids MMA class
Max and Sam listening to instruction in the kids martial arts class
Korey and Macenzie looking happy before a round of grappling


What time are the classes?

Here is a link to our up to date Timetable

What should my child wear for their first class?

For their first class any loose fitting sports clothes will be fine. T-shirt and Shorts or Joggers are ideal, We don't wear shoes on the mats so they can either wear socks or be barefoot.

What equipment will they need?

When children join on a full kids martial arts membership we give them 50% off their first BJJ Gi and a Free Viva T-shirt. The only other equipment they would need is a Gumshield which we always aim to keep in stock. Any other equipment they need we are able to lend out but eventually they may want their own gloves and shin pads. We are able to give advice on any gear they may need.

Will Martial Arts make my kid violent?

No. We're lucky to have a great group of kids who display the right behaviours in and out the gym. Training Martial arts for kids can be a great way to blow off steam and let out frustrations. It gives them some time each week to challenge themselves and know their abilities with no need to prove them beyond the mats.

Do they have to spar?

We do have sparring for kids but this is not compulsory. Sparring is introduced very gradually as they are technically and mentally ready.

My child has low confidence will training Martial Arts help?

Yes. Some of our most talented kids have started very meek and shy others have started as a result of bullying. Being humble is a great place to begin, having no ego will allow them to make more progress and feel more successful. Martial Arts will always give you everything you put in back plus interest. It's a great place for kids to interact socially in a closely controlled environment.

Do you have boys & girls in the classes?

We have a mixture of boys and girls of ages 7-14 in our kids classes