Gym Rules

"The clamps" The manchester BJJ scene should fear these

On the whole we aim to keep things as light and informal as possible but it’s good to have well laid out boundaries and expectations. So here’s a quick list of rules we have for all our adults classes


  • No shoes on the mats
  • Arrive on time and ready to train
  • Don’t turn up sick, snotty or infected
  • Don’t be disruptive during class. Don’t talk while the instructor is talking
  • Keep your gear washed and clean
  • Bring the right gear to class. No gumshield means no sparring
  • Keep finger and toe nails trimmed
  • Let the coaches and instructors know when you need to leave the mats
  • Keep your ego in check

Striking Rules

  • No Sparring until the instructor says you are ready
  • Set the appropriate intensity for your ability, communicate it with your partner and keep to it
  • Appropriate weight gloves must be worn for standup sparring (up to 65kg 14oz minimum, up to 85kg 16oz minimum, over 85kg 18oz minimum)
  • MMA sparring gloves must be worn for MMA sparring (70z)
  • Strictly no sparring in 4oz MMA fight gloves
  • Headguards should be worn unless advised otherwise
  • No kicks without shin/instep guards

Grappling Rules

Our no1 piece of advice for avoiding injury is tap early, tap hard and tap loud. Pain isn’t weakness leaving the body it’s injury setting in. Our second second most important piece of advice is be controlled in your movements especially when applying submissions, If you injure people you’ll have less training partners (and be labeled as a #$@&%*!).

  • Tap
  • Tap Hard, Tap Loud
  • Tap on your partner whenever possible
  • Screaming is a verbal submission, don’t make loud noises of exertion (You need to dial the attributes down and technique up)
  • Don’t crank on submissions
  • No slamming
  • No small joint manipulation (must a minimum of 3 fingers gripped)
  • No spiking (any takedown that is likely to land your partner on their head)


Novice grapplers & BJJ white belts

  • Straight leg locks only
  • No spine locks
  • No neck cranks
  • No wrist Locks
  • No joint compression locks (Calf Crush, Bicep slicers)
  • No scissor takedowns
  • No knee reaping

Intermediate grapplers & BJJ blue belts

  • Straight leg locks and toe holds
  • No neck cranks
  • No scissor takedowns
  • No knee reaping

Advanced grapplers & BJJ purple belts

  • Communicate the rules you’re grappling with to your partner


If your training safe and having fun your probably getting most of these right.


See you on the mats