Covid 19

Combat sports are an individual pursuit but anyone who has trained would certainly consider them a team sport. We invest a lot of time and consideration into bringing people together and what a strange paradigm shift COVID-19 has been towards keeping people apart.

Unfortunately contact sports and social distancing don’t play well together. We are doing our best to overcome the challenges it presents and put on the maximum number of sessions for as many members as possible.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is resuming. In order to stay within the restricted numbers we are permitted, we are asking people to either come to the 6:30pm beginners sessions or the 7:30pm intermediate+ session.

In lieu of restarting the MMA we will be looking at increasing the number of kickboxing sessions once Arron returns. In normal circumstances we lend out gloves but until things are back to normal, you’ll need to bring your own for the kickboxing sessions. (We have some you can purchase in the shop if you don’t already have your own)

We don’t currently have capacity for new starters, however if you get in touch we will let you know when places become available and invite you down for a 7 day free trial.

It’s not clear when the junior MMA or junior Jiu Jitsu will be returning to the timetable. The playful nature of children and the close contact of Jiu Jitsu and MMA mean it could be a while until they’re back running. Kids kickboxing will be continuing in place of these and we will be expanding the kids sessions as soon as we are allowed.

We know the past few months have been challenging for everyone in different ways. If you were a member prior to lockdown and have been unfortunate enough to lose your job, please get in touch and we will get you back on the mats with no judgement.

As per the government guidelines (appendix 1 link below) we need to make you aware that face to face contact longer than 3 seconds leaves you at an increased risk and you are strongly advised to comply with public health restrictions and avoid high risk behaviour outside the sports setting to reduce the risk to your fellow participants.

To meet our requirement for test and trace we ask if you can scan the QR code on the door when entering.

The biggest precaution we can take is to not have an outbreak in the first place. If you have any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has covid symptoms however mild please do not come for training. A confirmed positive case would mean a two week closure for those sessions, which we would all like to avoid.