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We’re proud to be a Combat Base affiliate Club, it’s an affiliation that adds great value to all our classes especially our BJJ & Grappling programme. I’ve been a member for around 7 years now, Combat Base is an inclusive group of people with a passion for grappling. Although the group is headed and organised through Combat Base Pontefract it has a community feel that is very rare amongst other affiliate groups. We’re not like many of the low quality, fly by night, online certified GJJ franchises that are popping up everywhere, we’re just a group of people who love authentic grappling.


Being an affiliate to a wider network of clubs has many benefits. The most obvious being that we are able to promote people to higher belts with permission through the Combat Base head coaches Helen & Darren Currie. For those who are interested our belt lineage runs through Chris Hauter (Another blog post to follow on lineage) who does fairly regular seminar tours and whom I have had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions. This isn’t the greatest benefit, within that network of clubs there is a depth of knowledge and experience that we and any members are able to tap in to and engage with online, through visiting clubs or at training days. Within the group there are obviously a high number of extremely competent grapplers but also World Champion strikers, UFC level MMA fighters, Elite level strength and performance coaches even a World Coal carrying champion. Combat Base have regular training days where all the clubs meet up, share techniques and gives everyone the opportunity to train with different people. For people who do wish to visit other clubs you are always guaranteed a warm reception at any other Combat Base club as is anyone welcomed visiting us.


So how much does it cost to be in an affiliation like this? Nothing. All that we are asked is that when we compete in grappling competitions we register as “Viva/Combat Base” and aim to participate as much as possible in the groups activities.

-Antony Griffiths