How to choose a Gi for BJJ

A Cut Above

Lets start out. The main thing you want from a Gi is for it to fit. Just like with any other clothing each brand has slightly different cuts and sizing. The best thing to do is to get hold of the Gi you want in person and try it on. Even better is if you can try one on that’s been washed as some Gi’s shrink.

After you have decided on the Gi that you’d like you can consult that manufacturers individual sizing chart. Here’s a rough breakdown of the Gi size you’ll be vs’s your normal clothing size:

A0 – Extra Small

A1 – Small

A2 – Medium

A3 – Large

A4 – Extra Large

A5 – Double Extra Large



Weighing in on Gi’s


As a rough guide to begin with I’d say Gi’s fall in to one of three categories (In reality there’s a miriad of Gi’s to fit everyones tastes) Ultra Lights, Single weaves and Double weaves. There are all manners of different “weaves” Gold, Pearl, Single, Double etc. but we’ll leave the technical stuff to the manufacturers and just worry about what’s important to us.  The trend now is for Gi’s to be lighter weight.

If you were to buy the same style Gi now from the same manufacturer as 5 years ago you’d probably find it was lighter and thinner now (it’s either fashion or shrinkflation). Like with anything you get what you pay for but in our experience even basic Gi’s are perfectly fit for purpose, the biggest thing you’ll find is that as you spend more you get more design. If you’re into collecting lifestyle Gi’s great, but for training it doesn’t really matter. So what are the Pro’s and Con’s of each?


Ultra Lights



Ultra Light! – As you might expect they don’t weigh much. Great if you need to make weight – but still like Pizza.


Dry Fast

Pliable & mobile

Don’t have lots of patches


Really good to grip!

Wear out sooner

Worst value for money

Don’t have lots of patches


Single Weaves



Best of both

Fairly durable

Fairly light

Don’t take too long to dry


Sometimes have lots of patches

Best value for money


Nice to grip

Could be lighter

Could be thicker


Double Weaves – Heavy Weight



Hard to Grip

Feels like Armour

Can have lots of patches

Wear very well




Take a long time to dry


If you want to hear the same thing in a Video check this out



– Antony Griffiths