Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) at Viva

Brazilian Jiu Jistu (BJJ) is a relatively new martial art. BJJ was actually born out of an early form of Judo, ( then known as Kano Ju Jutsu) and was brought to Brazil by Mitsuyo Maeda from Japan. BJJ is a grappling art that like all other combat sports is constantly evolving, with the discovery of new techniques, sequences and new applications of existing techniques. As a result of this it is one of the fastest growing martial arts/combat sports to date.

At Viva we believe that BJJ is about honesty, integrity and authenticity. We have members from all walks off life, who have proven the effectiveness of this grappling art, both on the mats, in the cage and in real life self defence situations

We teach BJJ at all levels, and our beginners programme follows a 3 month curriculum, ensuring all members acquire a good grounding in the fundamental techniques and principals, before progressing into the intermediate and advanced classes.

A typical beginners session will start with a warm up involving movements and motor patterns ( specific warm ups) appropriate to the technique that the session will isolate. We will normally look at one position per session, starting first with the postures and objectives that you aim to meet with the technique, followed by how you can adapt this, to different situations and how to build on the detail of the position. We then move onto working the position in isolation rounds, which is where we put this position into practice with an opponent. We then end each session with a Q&A and a cool down.

Most positions lead on from one another in the beginners bjj class and so training consistently will give you the best results, although any sessions missed can be caught up in a Private session.

No-Gi & Submission Wrestling

Wrestling was one of the original Olympic sports and is practiced in many guises around the world. Not only will these sessions allow you to develop exceptional power, strength & cardio, but you will learn how to use your opponent's momentum and force to their disadvantage. In our submission wrestling classes we look at takedowns throws and pins for those who would like to venture into pure freestyle wrestling competition but also chokes, jointlocks and submissions.

Submission Wrestling is much like No-Gi Jiu Jitsu with a greater emphasys on takedowns, similar to catch wrestling. This is NOT pro Wrestling or WWE / WWF, this is Wrestling at it's purest. There are many other styles of Wrestling the main ones being Freestyle Wrestling, Greco Roman Wrestling, and Folkstyle Wrestling.

Wrestling in Manchester has seen a growth with people starting to understand how important Wrestling can be as a base for not only Mixed Martial Arts but also self defence.

Our Friday Submission Wrestling sessions are available to members of an intermediate level nowards after you have built a fundamental understanding of grappling through either our MMA classes or Fundamental BJJ classes.


What time are the classes?

Here is a link to our up to date Timetable

What should I wear for my first class?

In our beginners BJJ classes we’re happy for you to train No-Gi indefinitely until you get a Gi. T-Shirt & shorts or joggers are ideal to start out.

What training gear will I need?

A Gi (which we will provide you a 50% discount on your first BJJ Gi) and a gumshield. You might want to get a groin guard and some people also like to wear ear guards.

I’ve never done martial arts before will I be ok to train?

Everyone starts somewhere and we think it’s important to help new people as todays new starters are tomorrows training partners

Am I too old?


I’m in bad shape can I train?

BJJ focuses on superior leverage and technique. It is a martial art you can enjoy your entire life, that amount of athleticism you put into this is your own choice. We do work on fitness and strength specific to grappling through the sessions but you’ll not be expected to do anything beyond your capabilities. The people who achieve the best result push themselves to their limits, if you put in 100% effort you’ll see 100% results and that’s all we expect.

Do I have to roll (Wrestle/Spar)?

In our fundamentals class (beginners BJJ classes) we don’t “roll” so you will only work the positions you have covered. You’ll never be asked to do more than we and you feel you are capable and confident to do.

Do you have women in the classes?

All of our classes are mixed gender. If you are nervous about training with new unfamiliar faces, why not book a private session or come along to a class with a friend. It is more likely for women, to find them selves facing a larger, stronger opponent and being able to work your way out of a bad position is important. BJJ for women is arguably the best way to neutralize the size difference . Training BJJ for either men or women, helps with self defence, and because we train alive you will have ample opportunity to test your techniques against non complaint opponents.

Alex finishing an armdrag to toms back in the BJJ class
Stuart Meschai clamps on in the Brazilian Jiu Jtsu session
Dave Kari BJJ purple belt working the samboplata on Matt Olson BJJ brown belt
Lucie stuffs the takedown in our Manchester based BJJ class
Griff gets the pin in freestyle wrestling at the aspull international open
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