Kickboxing at Viva

Our Kickboxing classes are designed to make you a well rounded striker for any situation. In the kickboxing classes we try to teach a hybrid style covering strikes and postures from Muay Thai and Boxing.

Kickboxing and full contact Karate can be considered to be very similar and its important to say that there is a wide variety of striking arts like these such as Savate, Dutch Kickboxing, Chinese Kickboxing etc. The common theme is that you will be striking in 4 points. Thai Boxing "The art of eight limbs" uses more points of contact similar to MMA

A normal warmup may include SAQ (Strength, Agility & Quickness) drills, plyometrics, skipping and other functional movements. This is followed by a technique portion where we may cover things such as; movement looking at your stance, upper body movements and footwork, drilling guards and defensive techniques, then working on new strikes working on the bags or with a partner with gloves or pads, also looking at tactics for different body types and styles an opponent may have. We put a strong emphasis on technical sparring and once we feel you are ready we normally finish off the sessions with some rounds in a live environment.


What time are the classes?

Here is a link to our up to date Timetable

What should I wear for my first class?

For the Kickboxing classes a T-Shirt (You’ll get a free club T-Shirt on joining!) and short or joggers are perfect.

What training gear will I need?

A gumshield and groin guard are a minimum requirement for training, beyond this we have everything else you might need. Most members will want to get their own gloves we recommend 16oz or 18oz depending on your size (10oz gloves are not suitable for sparring and many partner drills, they’re ok for padwork and bagwork but these are a fight glove rarely used in training). Additionally a head guard and shin/instep protectors can be a good idea.

I’ve never done martial arts before will I be ok to train?

Yes, Kickboxing is a great place to start out on your Martial Arts journey. If you’ve never trained and want to come and unleash some frustration on the pads this is the class for you.

Am I too old?

No, Kickboxing is accessible to any age.

I’m in bad shape can I train?

Yes, Kickboxing is a great way to get into shape. It’d be great if you were our next success story.

Do I have to spar?

No, this is the main concern for new starters. We only introduce sparring when you are technically capable to handle it and have the confidence and control to enjoy it safely. If you don’t want to spar and just want to work on fitness and technique that’s fine.

Do you have women in the classes?

Yes, we don’t have a womens only class but we find kickboxing for women, is our most popular programme.

Anthony working hard in the Kickboxing class
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